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Does anyone even read these introductions? Alright, for those of you who are interested I love drawing, making 3D Renderings and all kinds of art making. I have a lot of interests outside of that of course like science, literature and nature. I also love writing and I have many stories that range from G rated to XXX rated. I love writing and making stories and hopefully one day I will be able to publish some of those.

This account in particular is dedicated to all my more adult ideas and artwork. You will find a lot but you might find a majority of women wrestling art. I love it. Why? I don't know I just do. I've heard the term agonophiliac used and maybe that applies to me, I don't really know. I do know I enjoy making all of this and sharing it when all of you.

Often I do take commissions. I am not a professional artist in any way but I try my best with each commission and the income is very helpful and appreciated.
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Here are some scripts to the various stories I am writing.


Writing Projects and commissions

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 9:56 PM

Illustrated Story Projects

Hi all =) 

I wanted to address a question I've been getting about some of my fanfic story ideas. 

"When are you going to get around to doing them?" I was asked and I have to agree it's been too long from the point where I first mentioned them. I think to a certain point to keep starting and stopping a project it and even yourself can become a joke. I know that sounds harsh but yes people will start to refer to you as "that guy who's always swearing he'll do his comic one day." 

I know I'm not the only person to put projects in the perpetual "this time I really will do it" category. Ever hear someone swear "this is the year I get in shape/quite some habit/do a project"?   

It really does become a vicious cycle. You may even find some of these things familiar if you have ever dreamed of making your own illustrated story of some kind. You find that you start to blame your equipment and tell yourself "oh if I had a tablet/Cintiq or other better drawing tools I could do it." Nothing is further from the truth. All you need is pen and paper. It doesn't get any cheaper than that. Well ok if you want to get technical you also need a scanner and an internet connection but you know what I mean! LOL A second thing you may do is blame not your work ethic or habits but your skills. "If I could draw like [name your fav artist] then I could do it." Again, false! You need no drawing skills to write, which is the first part of making a story and secondly storyboards can be done using stick figures. In fact it's better to do it that way anyway. 

I want to make it clear this is in no way one of those sad journals people put up saying how they feel bad about not doing something so people will say things like "yeah I believe in you ... etc." This really isn't that. What it is however is me telling people who have been eager to see these story projects done where the projects stand.

Basically my goal is this. I am going to give myself the month of October to see if I can really get some basic sketching going and establish a real and steady workflow. If I can't I'm not going to be all down on myself (well I admit it's disappointing ok sure but no long faces) and I will not go on with those any more. I will simply cancel the fanfics and quite frankly my own original story ideas as well... and simply do occasional ecchi art pieces for everyone to enjoy.  

You can read what the stories are in this previous journal  Some of my writing - Story SynopsisI was asked this before so I decided to post a few brief words about the stories I am writing. I think in the long run I will end up writing all of them and doing my best to illustrate as many as I can. If possible I would love to see one of my stories fully drawn by someone else, simply for the enjoyment of seeing an artist bring in their own take on the characters. The length varies on many of these. Some are one shot graphic novels and others I would like to do a few story arcs on. I actually have even more stories in the works but these are the more fleshed out ones.  
All Ages:
:bulletblue: Bear-Wolf Adventures  - Bear-Wolf Adventures is a fun story that follows along, as you might guess, the adventures of a bear and a wolf. This is one I did not come up with myself. It is the creation of a fellow artist on DA and we will both be working on it. He is an outstanding artist, I love his artwork

The one fanfic I have gotten a lot of attention over is Total Drama Island Wrestling. I guess in part that's why I wrote this journal so that the people who have been asking about it won't be so horribly disappointed if I decide to cancel the whole idea. 

Particular apologies and thanks to :iconironbloodaika: who has been the person who has given me the most pep-talks to keep working on the TDIW fanfic even after I had wanted to cancel it a few times earlier. As some of you might know we are co-writing this which is tons of help. If it gets done at all it's completely thank you buddy for never stopping being persistent I move on with it! =) 
Also super thanks-a-pology to :iconluvcartoonladies: who came up with the idea of a Total Drama Wrestling story in the first place. 



I have decided I'm going to extend my close period for my commissions and focus on my current employment. Possibly later when I get more time I will try to reopen. Very sorry if anyone is interested.

Of course I am working on my current to do list.  
TO DO LIST 9/12/14Requests and gifts. 
:icongodgriff: and :iconkirayamato74: - 2 page continuation of  
:iconnachomanandyravage: - Drawing
:iconfatue: 2nd drawing (sorry it has taken so incredibly long).
:iconjose-ramiro:  My first ever painting!
:iconhuaso24: comic book pages 6 pages total. Line art completed. Coloring all the pages, will be done soon. Paid in full. 
:icondagdamor1: Various sumo girl wrestling sketches.  Working on 3 currently. Not paid yet. 
:iconC-Husk: Various pinup turnarounds   11 more to go. Paid in full. 
:iconKite2014: Various wrestling sketches  2 done of 6. 1 not paid. 

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