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Does anyone even read these introductions? Alright, for those of you who are interested I love drawing, making 3D Renderings and all kinds of art making. I have a lot of interests outside of that of course like science, literature and nature. I also love writing and I have many stories that range from G rated to XXX rated. I love writing and making stories and hopefully one day I will be able to publish some of those.

This account in particular is dedicated to all my more adult ideas and artwork. You will find a lot but you might find a majority of women wrestling art. I love it. Why? I don't know I just do. I've heard the term agonophiliac used and maybe that applies to me, I don't really know. I do know I enjoy making all of this and sharing it when all of you.

Often I do take commissions. I am not a professional artist in any way but I try my best with each commission and the income is very helpful and appreciated.
+18 Gallery Button by Ullamaliztli

Here are some scripts to the various stories I am writing.

Mature Content

The TITANIDES Story Script by xZeroMan

Mature Content


Total Drama Island Story Script by xZeroMan

:bulletblue: I do not take commissions nor do I plan to. Very sorry. Please do not ask.
:bulletblue: Sorry I do not RP (roleplay). I simply do not have the time. Please do not ask.
:bulletblue: I do not do requests unless I specifically offer to take one. I ask that you do not ask me please.
:bulletblue: Please do not ask for gifts. Gifts are something I chose to do and to the people I chose to do it for.
:bulletblue: Sorry generally I don't do trades anymore. Again it's not that I don't want to but I just don't have time. xD

I hope I don't sound like a grouch by saying the above. I'm just super busy and can't. Hope you understand.

Why I really don't Merry/Garry Sue...
My Personal Beliefs
Why I don't like the Femfight Genre? 0_o?
Some of my Story Synopsis
Artists that inspire me
A few of my favorite women's wrestling matches you might not have already seen

If you don't feel like reading then click here  Some of my favorite Women Wrestling Matches I will add to this list in future journals as there are just too many obviously but here are a few of my favorite women's wrestling matches that are not necessarily the most widely recognized. These in particular have a certain wrestling ryona aspect to them which I absolutely love. I hope you enjoy them.  
Noriyo Tateno
Cheryl Rusa and Sindy Paradise (aka The Mighty Mites)
Locomotion vs Bad Black and Beautiful (sorry couldn't find the full match)
Máscara Vs Bikini
 to see some awesome women wrestling videos! :D Enjoy. 

Hi people. I wanted to make a journal since I have been terribly inactive lately and frankly I doubt that will change in the near future. In fact if anything it will likely be the norm. I do however want to thank everyone who has put me on their watch list. I also want to try and have some art pieces out soon. I won't say what or when but hopefully I will have more out for all of you to enjoy. As you all more than likely know it is really hard to maintain a full workload, study AND keep any kind of regularity with a big art project as are my comic book dreams... but... hey it's still worth trying. 

Some interesting topics came about. Since I don't have super time to make many journals or do much here in DA these days I thought I would make one with various topics. Just IMHO stuff. 

:iconullamaliztli: had a great topic… titled "In your opinion, which is the weirdest/worst/creepiest fetish in the world?"
And I kind of had a few thoughts on that which you can read in the thread. It did lead me to a related topic. I have quite a few fetishes and I'm pretty sure a lot of you may find them odd or flat out gross/perferted/etc. I'm ok with that. To each their own really. I do however only ask to be respected and for anyone to keep in mind that around the world the majority of people do share and enjoy such things, so it's not like it's just me liking lint balls dressed like Gothic clowns or something xD no offence to the Gothic clown dressed lint ball fetish group btw :lmao:

My number 1 fetish has been and I think will continue to always be women's wrestling. I just love it. However that's not all. Some more recent and others I've had for a while but I do love other things like futanari hentai. I love it. I realize it's weird but the idea and the whole thing is very evocative and I think that's what it all comes down to. Another probably more recent fetish is sounding and ballbusting. For those of you who don't know what sounding is it's to put an object into the urethra of someone else. This is most commonly done to a man's penis. It supposed to hurt like hell and damn that's hot. Is it odd, weird or gross? Maybe... that's up to you to believe what you want. I just like what I like. 

It think we should all be aware that criticizing someone else's fetish is kind of like that scene in Austin Powers: Gold Member. Here we have Dr. Evil sitting across from Goldmember looking at him and thinking he is the weirdest thing in the world while Goldmember does exactly the same thing. The point is, as with most things in life it's good to take a good look at yourself before criticizing others. It's a simple and old concept but I think it's well worth reminding. 

Lightning Warrior Raidy -Tittle Image- by Epeyon0083 
OK OK OK... I'm freaking jelly over here but also very happy and proud of my fellow artist taking real steps to create her first game. It is a huge project and I wish Epey the best. Me? Please do click on the link and find out more about this wonderful game. I'm still struggling with my manga project but I hope to try and catchup and have something more solid soon. Actually I have a lot of super shitty storyboard sketches and I will be uploading them to my scraps so anyone who is interested can follow along in the creative process. 


Mature Content

Rue Ann vs. Shea London Weapons/Barbwire Match 2/? by oldandjinxed

Mature Content

Rue Ann vs. Shea London Weapons/Barbwire Match 1/? by oldandjinxed

A while ago oldandjinxed asked in a journal how we felt about blood and bruises in erotic matchups. Great topic. I think people are way confused when they think there is a thin line between hardcore matches and just gore. A black eye or other bruises, some scratches and a little blood are nowhere near being gore. Let's take another example from wrestling. While yes a lot of what let's say Mick Foley did in his career is extremely bloody it can never be on the same level as any Mortal Kombat finisher. That's not to say it's rated G in any way shape or form. Obviously it is called HARDCORE for a reason. I think for the most part it is not as hard to distinguish as people claim. Again like all things if you keep pushing in a particular direction of course it will cross over into another category, however... I think my old and tired example of good use of blood and bruises is in the Rocky series of movies. Yes there is blood and bruising but it is never gore obviously. 

... So which hardcore matches to you find memorable? And what are your thoughts on blood, bruising, and stuff like thumbtacks, barbwire bats, hell in the cell type matches. And/Or more specifically how do you feel about it in not just women's matches but as part of erotic/fetish women's matches. 

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