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Does anyone even read these introductions? Alright, for those of you who are interested I love drawing, making 3D Renderings and all kinds of art making. I have a lot of interests outside of that of course like science, literature and nature. I also love writing and I have many stories that range from G rated to XXX rated. I love writing and making stories and hopefully one day I will be able to publish some of those.

This account in particular is dedicated to all my more adult ideas and artwork. You will find a lot but you might find a majority of women wrestling art. I love it. Why? I don't know I just do. I've heard the term agonophiliac used and maybe that applies to me, I don't really know. I do know I enjoy making all of this and sharing it when all of you.

Often I do take commissions. I am not a professional artist in any way but I try my best with each commission and the income is very helpful and appreciated.
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Here are some scripts to the various stories I am writing.

Some of my writing - Story Synopsis

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 10:02 AM
I was asked this before so I decided to post a few brief words about the stories I am writing. I think in the long run I will end up writing all of them and doing my best to illustrate as many as I can. If possible I would love to see one of my stories fully drawn by someone else, simply for the enjoyment of seeing an artist bring in their own take on the characters. The length varies on many of these. Some are one shot graphic novels and others I would like to do a few story arcs on. I actually have even more stories in the works but these are the more fleshed out ones.  

All Ages:

:bulletblue: Bear-Wolf Adventures  - Bear-Wolf Adventures is a fun story that follows along, as you might guess, the adventures of a bear and a wolf. This is one I did not come up with myself. It is the creation of a fellow artist on DA and we will both be working on it. He is an outstanding artist, I love his artwork and I hope I can do good with his story ideas. We are writing it together and will both be co-illustrating the art. That's all I'm going to say on this one for now =)  

Ninja DoFUs - It is the story of a little boy who gets lost during a school play and gets adopted by ninjas. This follows his funny adventures. This is a very short series and aimed at beginning readers. 

Little Piggy Susan - This is for the Invader Zim demographic xD. Susan's family is turned into pigs due to an ancient curse. Susan escapes this fate but gains incredible pig powers, such as ultra smell and an inability to sweat. This story is very satirical and somewhat dark in humor. This story pokes fun at series like Dragon Ball, and other stories where the center plot always seems to turn into a scavenger hunt to find scattered magical objects. Susan must gather her friends who also gain some abilities and must find certain scattered objects in order to turn her family back to humans. 

Teens and above:

:bulletblue: Las Lucha Victorias - Set hundreds of thousands of years into the future, Victoria Pegaduro is a rising superstar in lucha libre (wrestling) fame. Victoria is chosen to be among the many athletes to represent her home in a world wide tournament. The winners of the tourney will have a chance to compete and represent the earth in an alien world. The competition isn't without evil characters who wish to use the event for their own purposes. Victoria is set to be coached by famed pro wrestler Billy "Thunderboots" McDynamite!" However after Billy McDynamite mysteriously disappears his daughter Betsy must put together a group of wrestlers to try to compete and win her way to the alien home world were she may solve the mystery of what happened to Billy McDynamite. Along for the adventure are a doctor and his fembot, an ex-con bicker babe, and a few other surprises. Watch as they fight their way through Future Space Nazis, Ninjas, Vampire Wrestlers, Killer Robots, Giant Amazons and much much more! 

The TITANIDES - No synopsis for this one. I am writing it currently and will have frequent updates =) 
---> The Horseman War: Chronicles - These are several not so short stories revolving around the creation of the Titans as well as some things going on in different places that help better understand the Titanides stories. The Horseman Wars themselves are a series of wars that ultimately decimate the earth and help build new worlds. 

Zombie Knights - Yes it's the zombie apocalypse! But this time with aliens, monsters and robots! A group of stranded people find themselves in a museum during the zombie apocalypse and have the idea of putting on various armor belonging to knights. Eventually they perfect their own armor and wage zombie war! 

Spart-Ants - This is a story about an ant colony who feel threatened by the humans who own the property where the anthill is. The owners of the home decide that it is time to fumigate their backyard, thus the ants having learned of this decide the only solution is to go in and kill a human!  

:bulletblue: Disparity 11- A thief specializing in stealing corporate technology is sent to steal the schematics of a new Grugle iWant for another company. No big deal he thinks. Nobody gets hurt and he is only stealing from those who can afford it. However our thief is setup and finds he was made to look as though he was trying to steal top secret weaponry. Bullets fly as he uses new found tech weaponry to fight off every single government, crime organization, and ruthless assassin on earth while trying to stop global annihilation! 


13th Desire - Detective Soledad Escaliente and her partner Deirdre Addfwyn - liaison between the City Crime Unit and the department of Science and Technology - arrive at the scene where a Water Sloth had been hunted illegally. It is one among many others who have been found dead but the hunters have been leaving some pelts behind, which has prompted Soledad to investigate what the killings are really about. Soledad and Deirdre go off to talk to the local inhabitants, who the humans often refer to as either elves, fairies or pixies without really knowing who or what they really are. The inhabitants are reluctant to talk but a young nymph boy who has become friends with Deirdre tells them what has been going on. Many from all species are being kidnapped and sold as slaves in the Demon realm. He tells her of a fight event held within the demon realm where slavery is legal. Some slaves are forced to fight in tournaments and this particularly aggressive band of slavers force them to fight for the erotic pleasure of their paying customers. Soledad decides to break protocol and investigate outside of the human realm, which is not her jurisdiction, and into the demon realm. She is however found and captured by the crime lords who put her and Deirdre into the fights. What happens next? You'll just have to read to find out.  

Wrestling Entertainment Throwdown - These are a series of short to mid-range stories all revolving around The WET, a wrestling organization owned by Gloria Buenascurvas. The stories vary from light hearted, funny, to a few attempts at some love stories. All the stories are tied together by seeing beautiful erotic wrestling matches. 

:bulletblue: YURIMA - Yurima is a story about a young woman who finds herself very repressed about her sexuality and her feelings towards other women. Yurima finds herself one day helping a friend practice sparring for a mixed martial arts match and finds that the contact with the other woman arouses her greatly to the point that she decides she must to it more. Unable to fight very well at first she finds there are some erotic fight tournaments which she becomes more than eager to join. Erotic matches ensue with MMA style cage matches and lots of other surprises! 

:bulletblue: Rudy A - No synopsis for this one. However if you like catgirls, sexfights, badassness and hentai you will love it! 



Total Drama Wrestling - Set 5 years after the events of the last Total Drama, a desperate Chris McLean pitches an idea to the network executives to have all of the past female contestants back to compete in the original island but this time with an all pro wrestling gimmick! 

:bulletblue: Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy's Day Off - Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are good friends but have little time to hang out. During a pokemon holiday they decide to go to the beach where a festival is being held. Fun in the sun and relaxing is all they want. At the festival there are many events including a wrestling match. By chance they meet and befriend a tag team of the pro wrestlers and hang out with them. After accidentally contributing to their new wrestler friends being slightly injured Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny decide to take their place in their scheduled wrestling matches! 



Scooby Doo: And the Mystery of the Disapproving Tentacle Monster - Do I seriously need to explain this one? It has tentacle monster in the title, nuff said!  

:bulletblue: Taimanin Asagi Fight Scene - No big plot or story. Basically this is my version of an incredibly brief scene in a hentai called Taimanin Asagi. In the story there is a wrestling match but it is never really shown and this is my full showing of it... and maybe of a few other hentai guest stars such as Space Pirate Sara and Hell Knight Ingrid! :D It's a hentai fun fest. 

World Map Visits



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