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Donations are greatly appreciated. I must admit it's a bit selfish I know... I just want to gather enough to buy some prints to liven up my otherwise boring room xD

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Does anyone even read these introductions? Alright, for those of you who are interested I love drawing, making 3D Renderings and all kinds of art making. I have a lot of interests outside of that of course like science, literature and nature. I also love writing and I have many stories that range from G rated to XXX rated. I love writing and making stories and hopefully one day I will be able to publish some of those.

This account in particular is dedicated to all my more adult ideas and artwork. You will find a lot but you might find a majority of women wrestling art. I love it. Why? I don't know I just do. I've heard the term agonophiliac used and maybe that applies to me, I don't really know. I do know I enjoy making all of this and sharing it when all of you.

Often I do take commissions. I am not a professional artist in any way but I try my best with each commission and the income is very helpful and appreciated.
+18 Gallery Button by Ullamaliztli

Here are some scripts to the various stories I am writing.
The TITANIDES Story Script by xZeroMan
Total Drama Island Story Script by xZeroMan

:bulletblue: I do not take commissions nor do I plan to. Very sorry. Please do not ask.
:bulletblue: Sorry I do not RP (roleplay). I simply do not have the time. Please do not ask.
:bulletblue: I do not do requests unless I specifically offer to take one. I ask that you do not ask me please.
:bulletblue: Please do not ask for gifts. Gifts are something I chose to do and to the people I chose to do it for.
:bulletblue: Sorry generally I don't do trades anymore. Again it's not that I don't want to but I just don't have time. xD

I hope I don't sound like a grouch by saying the above. I'm just super busy and can't. Hope you understand.

Why I really don't Merry/Garry Sue...
My Personal Beliefs
Why I don't like the Femfight Genre? 0_o?
Some of my Story Synopsis
Artists that inspire me



10446 by xZeroMan First of all I want to announce my very first original character purchase. She was created by the ever imaginative 44th-Phantome specifically to fit my story The Titanides. I loved her so much that I asked him if I could purchase the rights and wonderfully he said yes... so... here you have her! Click on her image to see her back story and know more about her. She will be appearing soon on my comic! :D 

PAGE 1 of my comic book

1 Page - The Titanides: STORYBOARD WIP by xZeroMan I have taken the first real step on creating my comic books. Specifically on my comic titled the Titanides. I was having a conversation with someone (I'm not sure if this person wants me to mention them specifically so I will leave them out for now) but this person is a very practical minded person and in no way stupid, in fact rather wise. And what they said is that I should really focus on 1 comic book title because otherwise I am stretching myself too thin and will get none done. Great advice. But you now what? I am not a practical or wise person. I'm a creative person damn it! :lmao: you need to dream bigger than possible if you want to imagine anything worth dreaming about. If you limit your dreams to reality then why bother dreaming at all? That's the whole point. Don't get me wrong. Yes I will start somewhere and yes focusing on a step by step process is something I will be doing BUT you can expect tons of storyboards on several of my story ideas. I rather die trying than try dying, because if you scrap your ideas and throw them away because they feel very hard or impossible then that is exactly what you are doing. Anyway to my friend you know I love ya but screw that advice! :P 

Here is a synopsis of my story the Titanides.

The Titanides - Set hundreds of thousands of years into the future, Victoria Pegaduro is a rising superstar in lucha libre (wrestling) fame. Victoria is chosen to be among the many athletes to represent her home in a world wide tournament. The winners of the tourney will have a chance to compete and represent the earth in an alien world. The competition isn't without evil characters who wish to use the event for their own purposes. Victoria is set to be coached by famed pro wrestler Billy "Thunderboots" McDynamite!" However after Billy McDynamite mysteriously disappears his daughter Betsy must put together a group of wrestlers to try to compete and win her way to the alien home world were she may solve the mystery of what happened to Billy McDynamite. Along for the adventure are a doctor and his fembot, an ex-con bicker babe, and a few other surprises. Watch as they fight their way through Future Space Nazis, Ninjas, Vampire Wrestlers, Killer Robots, Giant Amazons and much much more! 


Have you noticed there is no option to buy 3 month premium membership anymore? The option does exist to buy a 3 month membership for someone else however. Therefore an easy way around that is to have a separate account and buy yourself the 3 month membership as a gift for the account you want. Pretty simple. 

Well either have an alt account for that OR trust a friend with the points to buy you the membership.

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